Sunday, May 19, 2013

Winging it...

I decided to just wing it. That's right, I cast on the Repetitive Element cardigan. I took my time and stared at the charts until I understood them (sort of). I realized that there were multiple charts in one chart. That's what makes things so confusing, but once I started knitting, it started making sense. I did run into a few problems when I started working the short rows, but I realized early enough and didn't have to rip back too much. Hopefully I won't run into too many problems later on. For now, I'm loving working on the yoke. Here is my progress so far:

And just because I like to torture myself a little, I looked at other designs by this same designer, Veera Valimaki. Actually, it wasn't torture at all. Her designs are so beautiful... I decided that after I'm done with this cardigan I am going to knit the Happy Street Shawl. It's really gorgeous. I picked out the yarns today when I stopped by my LYS.  I think it's going to look beautiful. This one does make me a bit nervous because I'm not used to changing colors, but I will worry about that when I start knitting it.

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!


  1. I still don't know how to read a chart. I've never read a pattern that way. I definitely need to learn. I love the color of the yarn you're using :)

    1. Thanks! It's called Bohemian Blue. Looks nicer and richer in person.
      Charts aren't so bad. You'll see. :)