Monday, May 6, 2013

A little update...

The good news: I'm almost done with the 2nd sleeve for my Flyaway cardigan.

The bad news: The sleeves are really wide. Really. I'm hoping that after blocking they will hold a nice shape, but I'm not sure.  I decided to see what other people had written about it on Ravelry and saw that quite a few complained about the same thing.

Lesson learned. Must read other knitter's comments before casting on.

Either way, I love it. Even if I only wear it at home, cozy on the couch.

I have also made good progress with my Lacy Ribs Socks. I'm just about to turn the heel.

I'm already dreaming up what I'm going to knit next. I have so many things that I love from Ravelry... And the hubster just announced he wants a new hat for next winter. He even found the pattern himself. Picky? Maybe just a bit. LOL. He wants the New York Hat. And maybe if he's a good boy I'll even knit him that scarf...

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