Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Dropped Stitch....

Guess who dropped a stitch today? Guess who's not happy about it?

How did this happen, you ask? Well.... There is a slight chance I fell asleep while knitting on the train... Yup... I simply dozed off... For just a moment. Long enough to make my mistake... Please tell me I'm not the only one who's ever done that. :)

I've been trying very hard to be good about fixing my mistakes. I've been backtracking, watching videos, and when necessary, starting over. Today I decided to watch a couple of videos online to see if I could fix this. Not a chance. LOL. I just can't figure it out. I've picked up a dropped stitch in stockinette stitch but garter? Forget it.

Thankfully, I haven't gotten very far in this project. Time to start over...

The mess up.

Monday, February 25, 2013

It's done!

I did it! I finished the Wurm. I sorta like it now. But I don't love it. Tonight I'm blocking it and hoping that when it's nice and dry my purls look better than they do now. I had a hard time purling in the round. I used the magic loop technique and the purls just didn't look good on the sides where I had to "join".

Here it is:

And of course Sophia had to try it on too!

My next project will be the Hot Tea cowl. It's super simple and will be perfect for knitting on the train or as I chat with friends in this week's stitch & bitch get-together. Also, I'm extra excited because I finally get to use my Plucky yarn in Skies of November... Drool...

Monday, February 18, 2013

A Knitting Update...

Dear readers,

I have been focusing on work and kids lately, but don't think that I have forgotten about you... or knitting! I have been making good progress on my current projects.
I'm still having a love/hate relationship with the Wurm. OK. I admit there is a little more love now than there was the last time I wrote about it. I'm hoping that by the time I'm finished it will be all 100% full on love.
The Flyaway is growing and finally starting to take cardigan shape. I finally got to the point where I had to put the sleeve stitches on a holder. It's looking great! And things are now moving a little faster.
Oh, and I gave myself an early birthday gift by ordering some gorgeous Plucky yarn in Bohemian Blue for my next cardi which will be the Repetitive Element by Veera Valimaki. Can't wait to get the yarn and get started on that!

Flyaway from the back

Flyaway from the front

The Wurm

Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Wurm...

I am having so many doubts about my Wurm... In my attempt to be a good girl and use up some stash yard, is it possible that I have picked a yarn that's too cheery for a winter hat? What do you guys think? I'm just wondering if I would love it more if it were grey or blue or burgundy....

Monday, February 4, 2013

Life changing...

My friend Marta shared this video with me last week. It has changed my life. Special thanks to Jane Richmond for sharing this with the world!