Saturday, August 10, 2013

So I joined a knitalong...

I have showed interest in the past in joining a knitalong but somehow, it never really worked out. I guess I just didn't want to knit what everyone else was knitting. It would have to be the perfect project for that. Instead I joined luvinthemommyhood's Summer Sweater Knitalong. How could I avoid it? You can even work on a sweater you've started before! So my goal is to finish my Repetitive Element (which is almost there!) and start a baby cardigan for a co-worker who's pregnant.
The big surprise: I'm loving this knitalong! I'm following the boards, chatting a bit, and getting lots of good tips from the other knitters. I will definitely join a knitalong again!
And here are some current shots of the Repetitive Element:

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