Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Miracle!

I promise I didn't forget about this blog. In fact, I have wanted to write a post many times, but I have just been too busy. Summer is crazy. It's fun, but it's crazy.
Late evenings have been occupied by knitting, though, and I feel a great sense of accomplishment. To start, I finished the Repetitive Element. Yay! I'm so happy with it. The only thing is that it got a little bigger after I blocked it. Sleeves and body got longer but I will live with it. I still don't have any pictures of me wearing it, but here is a picture of it being blocked.

I also managed to cross off two things from my knitting New Years resolutions. I knit a hat for my son, and at the same time, knit it in stranded colorwork (I figured this can replace intarsia I was planning on doing). It was the Elly Hat. I loved the technique so much that I decided to cast on for Paper Dolls, a pattern by Kate Davies. I was inspired to do it by one of my friends who did an awesome job on hers.
And finally, let me talk to you about the "miracle". I had this project that I started in January. January 2011, that is. It was a cute Kitty Hat for my daughter. Here is the crazy part. It was done. Bound off. All it needed was a crochet edge. For some reason I couldn't get my head around it and put it away. Today I wiped off the dust, took it out, and totally avoided the crochet edge by doing an attached i-cord, which I learned with my Repetitive Element sweater. Better late than never, right? It's clear that I started knitting it back when I thought gauge didn't apply to me. LOL. It's a miracle that this is finally a hat that Sophia can wear. And she likes it!

Here are the kids with their new hats!

I feel really good about the knitting I did this summer. I am looking forward to the fall. The good thing about finishing so many projects is starting lots of new ones. Yay!
Also, I should tell you that all this knitting does have a down side. My house is a mess. Yes. So... No surprise visits, OK?

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