Sunday, October 21, 2012

A very good weekend...

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was packed with errands, but also lots of fun things.

1) I finally finished my Canaletto Cowl! I blocked it so when it'd dry, I promise to share a picture. My only regret is not binding off loosely... :(

2) My local yarn shop had a huge sidewalk sale on Saturday! They were selling bags of yarn for $10! That's $1/skein! I went in the morning and got two bags. I had the hubby and kids sitting in the car waiting for me so I felt a bit rushed. In the afternoon I decided to go back and got 3 more bags. I can't wait to find projects for all this new yarn! Here is a picture of the new addition to the stash:

3) Saturday evening we spent around a fire pit at my neighbor's house, roasting marshmallows, eating smores and having a good chat. So much fun!

4) I cast on my new project, the Stashy Hat by Thea Colman.

5) Oh, and I have been making progress with the hubby's socks too!

Have a great start to the week, everyone!

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  1. I have trouble with casting off too. To combat the problem, I switch out to, like, size 12 needles or something bigger before casting off. It helps ensure a looser stitch, but I still try to give it a lighter touch. The sweater I just finished is the first project where I was happy with the bind off. I've also read that "Jenny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off" is a good one, but I haven't tried it out yet.