Thursday, September 27, 2012

On my own...

I had a pretty quiet evening. The hubby was out with some friends so after the kids fell asleep I was on my own. It was nice. I watched a couple of shows (too embarrassed to admit what they are), knit, sipped some vino and had a nice chat with my daddy via Skype. I'm definitely a "daddy's little girl" kind of daughter. My dad means the world to me. He's always been an inspiration, someone I look up to.
It's tough to live so far away from him. Thankfully, technology makes it easier to stay in touch. When I first moved here for college, we had a weekly phone date. Every Sunday at a certain time I would sit by the phone and wait for it to ring. I'm glad things are easier now. Email, texts, Facebook. I remember how awful I used to feel whenever I missed that one Sunday night call...


  1. So what's on the needles??? You have to get like Yarn Harlot and link all the patterns and yarns! ;)

  2. Voila!

    Still getting used to this blog thing... :)