Tuesday, June 18, 2013

They are almost done!

Hi friends! Sorry for not posting in so long... Life has been getting in the way... But not in the way of my knitting! I'm making a lot of progress on my Repetitive Element cardigan. I don't have any new pictures to post but will try to post one soon. The more I work with the Plucky yarn on that cardigan the more I love it. I can't wait to wear it.
The big news is that I'm so very very close to finishing my socks! I have loved knitting them with the two-at-a-time technique. I don't think I'll ever knit a sock at a time again. Also, I'm loving the fact that this is a simple pattern. Not lace, no design, just plain old socks. I find that I appreciate the yarn much more this way.
I can't wait to cast on another pair, but first I think I will start working on my hubby's hat for the fall. This is his first request and I hope that I can knit a hat that he's pleased with and will wear. :) Let's just say he's a bit picky... And yes, he did pick the pattern. LOL.
Hope you're all enjoying the summer. We've been spending a lot of time in our community pool. It's so relaxing... And the kids love it!

PS: With Google Reader coming to an end, many people are finding other websites and apps to follow the blogs they read. I've been using Bloglovin. I really like their format. And the app is great on my Ipad and phone. Feel free to follow me there. Or let me know what websites/apps you're using to follow the blogs you read. I'd love to explore some more!

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